What a Funeral Home Can Do for Bereaved Families


The demise of a loved one often leaves their families so sad and distraught that they may be overwhelmed by the funeral preparations. This is where funeral homes come in. When called upon, funeral homes cater to the needs of families that have lost their loved one. Even though not every situation is the same, funeral homes generally provide a range of services that can be customised to meet the exact needs of their clients.

Transferring the body

Moving a dead body from the place of death to a funeral home or crematorium is usually a difficult job, especially for the bereaved. When you call for the assistance of a funeral home, they will help you transport the deceased body from their home, a hospital, an infirmary, or any other place of demise, to the funeral home or crematorium.

Preparing the corpse 

Once the dead body has been transferred to the funeral home, it will need to be prepared for the funeral ceremony as well as the burial. A number of professional care services, which may comprise washing, embalming, cosmetology, hairdressing, grooming and casketing, according to the specific wishes of the family. 

Obtaining all the required paperwork

Funeral homes can also help bereaved families to complete and submit all necessary paperwork required to obtain certificates of death and/or other permits. They will consult with the family to collect information required to file for paperwork and to plan the nitty-gritty of the funeral service.

Arranging the funeral ceremony

Funeral homes can, if requested by the bereaved family, make arrangements on the funeral ceremony with the clergy or other officials that the family wants to preside over the funeral ceremony. They can also meet up with special groups, such as musicians, that will perform at the funeral service. In consultation with the family, they can also arrange who will eulogise the deceased, say a prayer and give a vote of thanks.

Providing commemorative materials

There are so many different materials and supplies that may be needed on the day of the funeral service. Because the bereaved family will be going through a stressful moment, they can easily overlook the most important materials. Funeral homes will make floral arrangements, provide copies of eulogies and obituaries, supply guest registers, prayer cards or any other thing required to pay tribute to the deceased. 

If you've recently had a death in your family, be sure to reach out to funeral homes near you to learn more about their services.


11 April 2017

Avoiding conflict at funerals

Funerals can be a tricky time, as people are often on edge trying to deal with their grief. Some people also become argumentative when upset, so it can be a good idea to work with the funeral home to work out how to manage the maelstrom of emotions that are going on. It can often be useful to separate certain members of the family or social groups if you know that they are inclined to get aggressive or very loud when very upset. A great funeral home can help you to manage these sorts of issues to help ensure that the funeral runs smoothly.