Finding the Right Inscription for a Baby's Headstone


When choosing an inscription for a headstone, there's usually the basic information, like the person's name and the years they were alive. But it's also common to choose some extra words to make the inscription more personal. For this, people often look to the life of the deceased person for inspiration. Whether they were a sports fan, a book lover or someone who had any kind of niche interest, there are usually some fitting words to be found.

3 July 2018

What Are the Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Funeral?


Whilst nobody necessarily enjoys pondering their own funeral or the funeral of their loved ones, there are times when it can give you some major advantages. Pre-planning a funeral is simply a smart thing to do in cases where you've got the time to prepare. Read on to learn how pre-planning your funeral can be the best thing to do.  The Choices Are Yours When you pre-plan your funeral, you get to make the choices.

26 February 2018