Creating An 'Order Of Service' For A Loved-One's Funeral


An important element of any funeral is the Order of Service booklet that is handed out to mourners.  Here's a quick overview of how to create an Order of Service.

Page 1

This is the cover of your Order of Service.  The idea of the cover is to include a photo of the deceased, together with their name, date of birth and death date.

The cover should be kept simple and free from fancy fonts and other embellishments so that the picture of the deceased is the focal point.

Page 2

Page two is the first page on the inside of the Order of Service booklet.  This page gives the order in which the funeral service will take place, including details of hymns, readings, eulogies etc.  The details are usually prefaced by a simple introductory line, such as "A celebration of the life of John Jones".

You might also want to include a list of the deceased's immediate family.  The list starts with the deceased's spouse, then their parents, children, and grandchildren.

Again, keep the design and font choice simple.  For headings, just use bold text and avoid colours or fancy italics.

Page 3

The third page contains important information about the funeral itself including:

  • location of funeral service
  • location of the wake
  • name and address of funeral home
  • where the coffin is to be buried or cremated and if service is private or if guests are welcome

You should also include a note on whether flowers should be sent or if donations are preferred.

It's a nice idea to include a thank-you message on this page addressed to those who have attended the service.

Page 4

This is effectively the back of the Order of Service and you can leave it blank if you want to.  However, you could include another, different photo of the deceased and a short personal message or dedication about them.

It can be a nice touch to include a timeline about the deceased, for example, where they were born, the schools they attended, jobs they did, when they were married etc.  This can add a personal touch that can evoke happy memories.

In conclusion

The Order of Service is a very important element of the funeral preparations.  Use the guide given above to help you devise a suitable Order of Service, and ask the funeral home staff for more advice and information on how to go about putting together this important document.


21 November 2016

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