Cemetery Monuments for Children


No one ever wants to be in the tragic position of having to choose a cemetery monument for a child that has passed. This is a terrible thing for any parent or loved one to endure. However, if you are choosing a stone to mark the grave of a lost child and you aren't sure which one to choose, there are a few ideas you may want to consider:


When children pass at a very young age, their loved ones want to memorialise them at that age. They never want to forget their face because they never wanted to lose it in the first place. Because of this, photographs tend to appear more often on gravestones of children than on other gravestones.

If you like, you can have the monument maker engrave a photo onto the monument using lasers to make a realistic impression, or you can opt for a simple line drawing, rendered from a photograph and etched into the stone. Some people use multiple photographs, while others use just one. Some inset the photographs in a "framed" space on the monument, while others opt for the image to fill the entire background of the monument.

Footprints and Handprints

Especially when a very young toddler or baby has died, footprints and handprints can make a stunning tribute. If you have footprints from the day your child was born or from any other time during his or her brief life, you may want to integrate those impressions into the monument you select. Even if you don't have the prints of your child, you can still opt for a design that incorporates a baby's handprints.

Special Sculptures

Some family members opt to choose a cemetery monument with a traditional shape or design, but others want to memorialise their loved ones with a sculpture. You can choose anything that was important to your child or anything that reminds you of your child. Some people choose sculptures of childlike toys such as rocking horses, teddy bears or building blocks. Others opt for religious imagery that's often linked with children such as angels or lambs, and still others choose monuments that look like baby carriages.

Meaning to You

Ultimately, when choosing a cemetery monument for a child, you want to think about how it makes you and the rest of the survivors in the family feel. Do you want to include a religious passage or a line of a story that you'd like to remember when you visit the grave? Are there certain materials you find soothing? When you work with a monument designer, they can help guide you to the right cemetary monument in the midst of this tragic time.



27 September 2016

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