Arranging an Alternative Funeral for Your Loved One


A funeral is a way to celebrate the life and passions of your loved one. Personal touches can make the day feel really special and are a nice way of offering a final gift to the departed. Planning a funeral can be a difficult process, and you might not want to spend hours researching different options. The following information will give you a clear picture of all the choices available for an alternative funeral, so that you can make your preference clear to the funeral director you choose. A specially customized coffin, funeral vehicle, or service can be a real comfort, helping you to feel close to your loved one while saying goodbye.

Personalized Coffin

A coffin can be made bespoke in almost any design you can imagine. If your loved one had a passion for sports, you could choose a design that incorporates the color and logo of their favorite team. For a more traditional feel, wooden coffins are available in oak, ash, cherry, maple, mahogany and more. Using the wood of a favorite tree is a lovely touch that's personal but not too over-the-top.  You can incorporate photographs into the coffin design, which helps funeral attendees to recall happy memories with the deceased. Eco-friendly cardboard coffins are a wonderful option for those who cared about the environment during their lifetime.

Alternative Funeral Vehicle

Many funeral directors offer alternative vehicles to reflect the life of the departed. If your loved one was a keen biker, then a motorcycle hearse could be perfect. This can be followed by a cortège, for members of biking clubs. For those who worked on the land, you can choose a converted 4x4. If your loved one worked in trucking, a flat bed lorry hearse makes a nice statement and leaves plenty of room for floral tributes. You know your loved one better than anyone, so choose what you feel is most appropriate. You can ask your funeral director about even more unusual options, like ice cream vans, fire engines or even horse drawn carriages.

Themed Service

Most funeral directors can offer a variety of themed funerals, or put together a special package for you. The funeral theme might reflect the vehicle you choose—for example, a biker or trucker themed funeral. Making a list of things your loved one was passionate about might help you to generate ideas. You could decide upon football, swimming, computer games or painting—any hobby is perfect. The theme doesn't have to be based upon an interest, though. Perhaps your loved one had a favorite season or holiday that the funeral could be based around. Even a simple theme based upon the favorite color of your relative adds a sweet personal touch.


31 August 2016

Avoiding conflict at funerals

Funerals can be a tricky time, as people are often on edge trying to deal with their grief. Some people also become argumentative when upset, so it can be a good idea to work with the funeral home to work out how to manage the maelstrom of emotions that are going on. It can often be useful to separate certain members of the family or social groups if you know that they are inclined to get aggressive or very loud when very upset. A great funeral home can help you to manage these sorts of issues to help ensure that the funeral runs smoothly.