Avoid These Common Mistakes When Restoring a Loved One's Headstone


Picking a headstone for a loved one's gravesite is something that takes a significant amount of contemplation. Not only would you want the headstone to befit the deceased's personality, but you would also want it to be worthy of their last resting place. So, it is not surprising to find that headstones tend to be premium priced. However, once the funeral is over, some people forget that these headstones are exposed to the changing weather elements, which puts them at risk of deterioration. An outstanding way to keep the headstone in good condition is to routinely invest in cemetery restoration services that will clean and polish the headstone as needed. Alternatively, if you would like to maintain the headstone on your own, here are common mistakes that you should avoid.

Do not bleach the headstone

The active ingredient in bleach, known as sodium hypochlorite, has high amounts of salt. The salt may be effective in cleaning away stubborn stains on the headstone, but it also has the propensity of yellowing the headstone. In addition to this, regular use of bleach will also cause the surface of the headstone to erode, which would drastically depreciate its appearance. It should also be noted that chlorine is not a suitable alternative to bleach, as this liquid is highly corrosive to headstones.

Do not acid clean marble

Acid cleaning may be a convenient way to eliminate grime from headstones made from granite and slate. However, it will have a substantially adverse effect on headstones that are made from marble or limestone. Acid cleaning of marble headstones will result in etching on the surface, which causes permanent marking on the marble that will detract from its glossy shine. Conversely, limestone headstones that are subjected to acid cleaning will begin to dissolve due to their high porosity. It would be in your best interests to have cemetery restoration services maintain expensive materials such as marble for you to ensure they do not suffer undue damage.

Do not sandblast the headstone

If a headstone has been neglected for a significant period, it becomes engulfed in plant matter such as algae and lichens—not to mention that some headstones will even develop a patina, which completely changes the colour of the headstone's surface. A mistake some individuals make is assuming that sandblasting the headstone with materials such as glass spheres would be a great way to polish off the top layer and restore the original lustre of the headstone. In reality, sandblasting is more likely to accelerate the degradation of the headstone, and you would be better off seeking cemetery restoration services for this heavy-duty maintenance.


10 October 2017

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